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Nutrition tips for white teeth

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Nutrition tips for white teeth


By Sophia Tzouma * for

A bright white smile not only makes us look younger , but it gives us confidence. That’s why we all want to have white teeth. Avoiding certain foods, you can keep your teeth white . In case you have not already done tooth whitening should be aware that the effect of whitening is not permanent , as the teeth tend , over time , to return to their original color. The time this happens varies and depends on our eating habits .

Keep your teeth white by following some simple tips:

1. Avoid certain foods :

• Coffee . If you cannot do without coffee , at least limit it. Add a little quantity of milk and simultaneously take calcium and vitamin D to strengthen your teeth .

• Tea . Avoid specific varieties such as “English breakfast” and “Earl grey”. Prefer green, white tea or herbal infusions . Especially the green and white tea have been found to contain catechins which reduce the growth of bacteria responsible for decay and plaque . Furthermore , they contain fluoride which protects teeth .

• Red wine. Prefer white wine or rinse your mouth with water immediately after consumption of red wine .

• Cola type refreshments . Beside the fact that they cause staining on the teeth due to the sugar contents ase nd low pH, they also cau the erosion of the enamel . If you can not remove it from your diet , it is better to drink with a straw to come in a minimum contact with your teeth.

• Cherries , blueberries and fruit with intense color.

• Beet .

• Balsamic Vinegar . Replace it with white vinegar or lemon juice .

• Curry and other seasonings or spices .

• Soy sauce .

• Tomato sauce .

2. Brush your teeth within an hour of the consumption of the above mentioned foods,

3. Consumption of spinach , lettuce and broccoli before eating foods with colorants, creates a film on the tooth that adequately protects from absorbing pigments.

* Sophia Tzouma , dental surgeon , postgraduate studies in Aesthetic Dentistry at the University Tufts, USA


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